Its been 12 years as a chef and have passed through very tough, situations in my career…If i think back now, i would just sit and laugh on all the blunders i have made, good enough to make a full length comedy script out of it. It is not just being a chef but its the love for food, food of all the form veg, non veg, cooked or raw. It was not my dream to become a chef, but the dream of my girl friend. She always wanted to see me as a chef, her dreams came true, not mine… hahaha. I am Daniel with you, loving to share my sweet, hot and sour experiences with you thorugh, and writing up from my kitchen. Flashes of experience come across when i start to write up.

Completing my bachelor degree in hotel management in Coimbatore, I joined The Hotel Casino in cochin,kerala, an ever-green state of India, said to be God's own country. The first kitchen atmosphere was like standing admits strangers and the work area was totally different from what I learned in books at college. The working chemistry was totally strange and truly to say very diferent from what i dreamt till the night before.

My first task was to head the butchery with 4 butchers, to my fate all the four were good experienced in it. Though i was said to head them, i came to realty quickly that its going to be all new and its me who have to learn from them. At college we had cleaned up fish and chicken and job was so easy, but now the way they clean the meat is entirely different from what i studied. Surviving in butchery was not simple as i thought off. I have to over come knife cuts, fish bone picks, rashers because of sea food and many more.

Its the basics of all in the kitchen. If a chef dosent know how to cut n clean the meat, then its no point of cooking it. Basic kitchen is classified into hot kitchen cold kitchen, where hot kitchen in indian hotels consists of north indian, south indian, western, Chinese, tandoori, etc… which involves all hot cooking, tossing food in high flames, whereas cold kitchen is of salads, sandwiches etc… But than all other departments of a hotel, the butchery department is the basic for all the kitchen and where all the food cost is controlled at its best. It’s most important that a good chef should be at his best in butchery.

ln India meat is expensive so the executive chef concentrates and controls the butchery in which he can save a lot technically. 90% of the food products such as seafood, poultry, and meat can be utilized. For instance, drumstick, breast, thigh, wing, wing lets, even bones and skin from a chicken can be used to make dishes. A small amount of flesh collected from many chicken wings can be used to make a full dish in a buffet, a secret of kitchen not usually disclosed. Common people don’t know this, whereas talented chefs are well aware of this. Similarly in fish almost all the parts can be used except scales!!!

3 years passed, and i spent all the the 3 years in butchery, and it was the best of my learning expereinces. A chef learns very day, infact from every dish he makes. Now i get mad if something i wasted in my kitchen, a strict chef, hahahahahaha. After 3 years it was a shift to the cold kitchen..............nothing different, now its playing my knife with the fruits, vegetables and other to make salads, sandwiches canapés etc.,. Kitchen is getting closed and my steaks are waiting at the table.............. write back to you soon on another day from my hot kitchen. Bon apetite.